The YouthStorm Of America

Time flies when you are having fun! As I am grooming my music to get ready for our family friendly event I realized that the folks at YouthStorm lead by example. They have requested that I keep my music wholesome so that everyone can come and have a good time. There has never been a single problem before, during, or after their boat parties because they heading them off at the pass. 

There is a bar, people will be drinking, dancing, and having a good time…the difference is that YouthStorm knows that there are eyes on them. Whether we all like it or not the youth of America is watching our every move…If we drink too much, don’t show respect to our fellow man, or fail to take care of our selves properly we are telling those that come after us that this is the behavior that is acceptable. This party is not just a fundraiser for a great cause…it is also a training tool for all the kids enrolled. I hope that you come aboard and help us lead the way!

If you can get away This Saturday August 15th, and like to keep the money that you donate local, and like to make a difference in the future of the human race, you simply need to bring your $20 donation to the dock at #10 82nd St. Plum Island, Newburyport. I can also add you to my guest list if you reply to this email that you are coming.

There is a cash bar and you are responsible for your own food (there are 30 restaurants on the way in and out so come early and leave happy!).

Saturday August 15



Youth Storm Fundraiser

The Captain’s Lady III

#10 82st Plum Island

Newburyport, Ma

Saturday Night September 12th

Teacher Mr. Jonathan

WCS Intermediate Class 8-9pm W/Mr. J

9-12:30ish WCS Mixer w/DJ Mr. J

Longfellow’s Club JoEllen

524 Minuteman Dr off of Boston Post RD

(Rt 20) Wayland, MA

Leadership is the manipulation of energy. 

Following is the embodiment of energy.

Connection is the tie that binds the two together.

Mr. Jonathan

603 475 1391