New Dance Demo Filmed at Living Legends of Dance

I am back from National Living Legends of Dance with lots of new music and a new demo video. They asked me to Teach, DJ, and Demo this year and I could not have been any happier to oblige them! A little background on this demo:

I agreed to the demo without a partner and they asked fellow Legend Cindy Black. We were supposed to dance for about 2 minutes and then someone was supposed to cut in and lead me. Then someone else was going to cut in and so on for the full song. Well the leader who was supposed to cut in got sick and never showed up in the ballroom meaning we got stuck with the full song…A second point of interest is that this is only the third time Cindy and I danced together…With all that said I think we handled the circumstances quite well…well you be the judge!

The National Living Legends of Dance gives 10-15 “Star Awards” out every year and has since 1994. Dancers who are inducted have demonstrated a love of the music that drives their dance style, have been active in the preservation of that dance’s roots, and are or have used their dancing to positively impact the people in their community.

My Wife and I Make Our First Viral Video – Let it Snow

I ‘m at work Tuesday morning (March 14th) when I get the call that we are closing the cigar shop at 1 PM because the snow was slowing foot traffic to a standstill. After a two-hour drive home in white-out conditions,  my wife, Debby, greets me with a proposition… lets make some people smile today and Let It Snow was born!

There is no question that social media has become the ruination of most people who use it daily. Negativity is rewarded with more interaction than positivity as a rule and Debby was tired of reading how much people hate the snow.

In most people, misery is an infectious poison and man does it love company. It spreads like wild fire from person to person. Debby doesn’t allow people’s misery to bring her down, as you will see in our video that has really caught on, she shares her joy with the world and makes herself the antidote.

You won’t be able to help but smile while you watch this video of us teaching together!