Take Time To Take Time

Take Time to Take Time

Independence Day means a lot to many people, myself included. One of the things it means is that I get to spend time with one of my favorite people…My younger brother. We grill together, we enjoy cigars together, and we ride our dirt bikes together. Its always fun and we have amassed quite the collection of memories over the years.

This year I started a new tradition quite by accident. I locked my phone in my car for the entire visit at first it was so I wouldn’t loose it on the trails. Later it was that my car was too far away to justify breaking the conversation. By the end of our 4pm lunch I had enjoyed not being beholden to the devise so much that I left it were it was.

On one hand I could make the argument that my phone doubles as my camera and I could be documenting the afternoon with pictures and videos. The flip side is that it also has too much other stuff (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that may tempt me away from such a special time. By days end I had interacted so much more with those around me that my brother let me know that for some reason this 4th of July seemed different in such a good way.

July has 3 or so weeks left and I plan to make the most of them and my interactions with those around me. The phone is staying in the car as much as it can while I am busy living.

Is anyone down to try this experiment with me? Don’t tell anyone that you are doing it. Leave the phone behind/in the car. Take an active roll in conversations, make eye contact, and experience the life that is around you…In other words Take Time to Take the Time! See if anyone notices that the experience has been enriched.