December 2nd Club JoEllen Potluck Dinner Dance

Dance Concept Level 1: Moving is dancing…dancing is movement in time with the music and little else matters. Just move your feet in time with the music and you will be just fine.

Dance Concept Level 2: There is a huge difference, in dancing, between moving your feet and moving your center. Always move your center to move your feet!

Dance Concept Level 3: Your center as a leader must be ahead of the beat and your center as a follower must be slightly behind the beat and through the secret language of connection we can both be dancing to the same beat at the same time.

Dance Concept Level 4: Now that you have mastered moving from your center, center to center connection, and timing you can now revisit “Dance Concept Level 1” and just move!

To really excel in dance you must keep pushing your self to be more and more on point with your movement while at the same time letting your inner artist loose to interpret the song that is playing right now. Every moment you make should be practiced to the point of it being second nature but at the same time appear to be completely made up on the spot and in real time. Watch better dancers do their thing but don’t try and hold yourself accountable to put their dance on the floor. Put your dance on the floor and try to love and appreciate every beat…every movement..and every connection!

Free (bring a dish to share)

Saturday Night December 2nd

Annual Pot Luck Dance

7:30pm DJ Fred Rapaport

8:15pm DJ Steele Shane

9:00pm DJ Donna Shea

9:45pm DJ Larry Mongeau

10:30 pm DJ Mr. J

Longfellow’s Club JoEllen

524 Boston Post Rd

Wayland, MA