Swing Cruise

 For the first time in 6 years Larry Mongeau and I are offering a beginner Swing Class on board. This will come in handy for those folks that are new to the dance and need a quick brush up, and also to those that have never done swing before. The class will be 30 minutes in length and will cover about 3 patterns. The music on board will swing like no other party you have or will attend ALL summer. We are putting together music that is up beat, wholesome, and swingable. This is a party of INCLUSION not exclusion. Be prepared to hear some of the great hits of swing from several genres like Gospel, Soul, Jazz, Old School R&B, Blues, plus a touch of crossover music that folks could Lindy, East Coast, or Shag to. What you won’t hear are the songs that have overtly sexual lyrics, curse words, or undertones that would make my Memere’ uncomfortable. Come prepared to dance till your feet fall off!

The boat departs from #10 82st Newburyport, Plum Island August 17th from 6:30-10pm. Tickets are $25 at the dock and $20 if purchased before hand. I will have tickets with me every Sunday that I am teaching as well as  for the August 2nd Dance at DNE.

Should the party be rained out Larry and I will work hard to reschedule and you will have the choice to get a refund or apply the payment to the second party.

The plan is to have a WCS dance at DNE next Friday,  August 2nd, 9th, and the 16th. Anyone that buys their ticket before August 16th can come to that dance free of charge by simply showing your ticket at the door.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Swinging Pizza Party

78 Princeton St.

N. Chelmsford, Ma

Lesson 7:30-8:15

Dance 8:15 – ?


The Storm

I am DJing and teaching THIS Saturday on the Captain’s Lady III for my favorite charity YouthStorm. This is a NH based youth lead faith based group that works with late teens and young adults. The group picks up where parents fell short in these very impressionable young lives, by teaching them leadership skills. Several of my childhood friends have been saved from the streets by YouthStorm. One in particular, Noah. Noah was a follower his entire life. After his parents divorced he fell in with the wrong crowd and was lead down a part of drugs, gangs, and even dealing drugs. Through the skills he learned with YouthStorm he now is a pillar in his community. He leads instead of follows and has been instrumental in getting hundreds of other kids turned around and onto the right path.

YouthStorm kids have responsibilities, consequences, take turns being project leaders, they have mandatory community service hours, and they now receive the love that was missing from the people that mattered in their lives. I support this charity in every way that I can from fundraisers like this Saturday to writing checks out of my personal account to help fund the group’s many trips to preform outreaches into surrounding communities. It is my feeling that money that stays in the community is used to help the community rather than blindly giving to huge corporate charities like the Red Cross. They ALL do God’s work but not ALL of the money that gets donated does. YouthStorm is run by volunteers and 100% of the money donated goes to help the young adults that need it the most. The baddest apples often make the strongest Trees!

If you are not otherwise occupied this Saturday (or would like to mail in a donation) I would love for you to join me on the boat. It will be filled with rank beginner swing dancers that are hungry to learn and dance with anyone that can help them get better. Come on out and have a good time for an even better cause.

Call me or reply to this email to both pledge and to reserve your tickets. 

(603) 475 1391

Tickets are $20

We Sail: 7-10pm

Lesson is 7:15-8pm

Cash Bar

The Boat Sails from:

#10 82nd St.

Plum Island, Newburyport, Ma