Dancing On Easter Sunday at Longfellow’s Club JoEllen

I feel that Easter is over looked as a high calorie count day. I know that my Sunday will consist of a massive breakfast, Church, a larger than life lunch, dessert, and sandwiches just prior to heading down to teach. There is no reason to put on a couple extra pounds  just because a few calories snuck up on us. Swing on by Longfellows and dance it off with me…When you are face with the question of Dancing or Eating…Aways choose BOTH!


Sunday, April 16th
6:00pm 2-Step Lesson w/Mr. J
6:45pm WCS Lesson w/Mr. J
7:30pm General Dancing
Longfellow’s Club JoEllen
524 Boston Post Rd
Wayland, MA


The “Look” vs the “Feel” Building Confidence in WCS From Within

Building Confidence in WCS from Within

How many of us as little kids covered our eyes and said “You can’t see me!” and really believed that because we couldn’t she them that they couldn’t see us? Of course we lost our innocence sometime after Santa wasn’t real any more and realized that the act of being seen has little to do with our own seeing. Regardless of dance level, we all have a little kid inside us that has his/her eyes covered while we are dancing.  Sometimes in order to walk out on that dance floor, all we have is the hope that no one is watching.  What if you could be building confidence nearly overnight?

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