Learning How To WCS: Tornado Whip and Slot Bender

Time to Start Learning WCS patterns to up your pattern count?  Both of these patterns are accomplished by leading with your hips, not your hands.

Learning WCS: The Tornado Whip

The Tornado whip starts like any other whip until count 5. At this point The follower’s right hand is passed behind her back. The pass is from the leader’s left hand to his right. Then the follower is encouraged to turn in the direction of the passed hand. When the elbow of the follower’s right arm passes the leader’s forehead,  he slips that arm behind his neck as he rotates the partnership to the right.

West Coast Swing connection is usually back and forth up and down the slot. The exception to the rule is when both partners are rotating with their connection. Here both partners are rotating the partnership so the connection is centrifugal. The rotation of this whip goes a full 720º consequently the count must be extended out to 12. We end in a right to right or “handshake” connection. Continue reading “Learning How To WCS: Tornado Whip and Slot Bender”