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Mr. Jonathan’s Wonderful World of West Coast Swing

Learn, teach, do. The intrigue of West Coast Swing drives me to be the curious, contemplative, ever-learning student. I share what I learn by conducting classes that emphasize exploration and fun. I perform and social dance for the joy and connection that West Coast Swing Dance makes with the music… and with our souls.

“All men (and women) are created equal…”  This famous constitutional line is sometimes forgotten at the West Coast Swing dance venue.  All too often, we find our selves “sitting this one out”. Song after song. We don’t feel comfortable asking someone to dance.  If I’m in the room, experience-level prejudice (and shyness) takes a seat. Ask me, please ask me to dance! Ask my students to dance. Ask my mentors to dance. Life is too short. Let’s spend it on the floor.

  – Mr. Jonathan