West Coast Swing Basics Are Wasted on Beginners

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West Coast Swing Basics Are Wasted on Beginners

The best workshop that I have ever taken was Bill Cameron’s “Intro to Swing” class and not Jordan Frisbee’s Triple Hammerlock Whip Variations.  I had hit a slump in my dancing that I could not shake and had tried everything from leading the same pattern over and over for an entire song to taking ballroom classes several times a week.  I was trying to break through to the next level and just could not seem to do it.  I took the class to see how he taught (I love to watch how other pros teach their classes).  As the class progressed he went into a brief description of what makes swing swing that quite literally changed my life as a dancer and teacher.  

This story would be so 80’s cool if it ended with me walking away with the 1st place trophy after my epiphany but there were 250 people in my division.  I did make the top 10 though…not too shabby!

Why do the basics help so much? They are the base that holds up the rest of your pyramid. One little change in foot position in your whip, for example, can dramatically affect how it looks, fits to the music, and how it feels to your partner. These changes over time lead up to those special dances where the song, the partner, the connection, and the patterns aline like the stars and produce a dance that is euphoric. The first time you experience this “Dancer’s High” you are hooked for life!

Dance New  England

78 Princeton St, Chelmsford, Ma

Ballroom Cafe

Mr. Jonathan’s Dance Instruction

Mr. Jonathan’s Dance Instruction

Mr. Jonathan teaches West Coast Swing a little different than most instructors.  The main focus is on simply having a good time during the lesson and during your time dancing.  He has said, “If we take the dance or our selves too seriously we lose the reason we are here…Its Fun!” 

Come learn about “Boomp!” Theory, based on a center-of-gravity-driven pulse found deep our bodies.   


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Welcome to:

Mr. Jonathan’s Wonderful World of West Coast Swing

Learn, teach, do. The intrigue of West Coast Swing drives me to be the curious, contemplative, ever-learning student. I share what I learn by conducting classes that emphasize exploration and fun. I perform and social dance for the joy and connection that West Coast Swing Dance makes with the music… and with our souls.

“All men (and women) are created equal…”  This famous constitutional line is sometimes forgotten at the West Coast Swing dance venue.  All too often, we find our selves “sitting this one out”. Song after song. We don’t feel comfortable asking someone to dance.  If I’m in the room, experience-level prejudice (and shyness) takes a seat. Ask me, please ask me to dance! Ask my students to dance. Ask my mentors to dance. Life is too short. Let’s spend it on the floor.

  – Mr. Jonathan