WWJD…What Would Jordan Frisbee Do?

What is Jordan Frisbee’s and Kyle Redd’s Secret?

When the top pros like Jordan Frisbee or Kyle Redd execute a pattern, during a Jack and Jill Competition, it appears to the untrained eye like they are performing magic on the dance floor.  What is really happening is they are speaking a body language that Tatiana Mollmann and Sarah Vann Drake also happen to speak. Instead of words there is pressure, in place of punctuation there is a beat, and where we use tone and inflection in our voice they use connection to get there point across. 

A new language? Are you kidding me Mr. Jonathan? That will take years to learn…Right? Wrong!

In 2 hours I can show you the “Rosetta Stone” so you can translate your thoughts on the dance floor into patterns with your partner.  After dancing WCS for 3 months or more it becomes time to take your patterns from hit or miss to hit and hit again! 

(Cue Dramatic Music)

After our Advanced intensive…After we learn patterns that teach us how to gauge our distance…Once we learn how to communicate more effectively with our partner…After the final slice of pizza has been eaten…


World Class West Coast Swing DJ Louis St. George will wow us with his mix of music.  He is my favorite DJ for WCS and he will be yours too! Ask him for what you want to hear and he either has it or will down load it right then and there. (Music hits Crescendo) This Friday night Louis St. George will show you why he is the multiple year winner of “WCS DJ of the Year”

Advanced Intensive is $25

Swinging River Cruise Tickets are $25

Buy both this Friday and save $10…$40 for both tickets!