Off to Cuba!

I am packing my bags and heading to Cuba for a week or so and Donna is filling in for me. When I return we are going to break down our advanced basics and take them to the next level. With last week’s class came so many excited leaders and followers, pumped to have put a touch more polish on their stock patterns.

Sunday Night February 26th


6pm Two-Step Donna Shea

6:45pm WCS Donna Shea

7:30pm – ? California Mix w/Donna Shea

Longfellow’s Club JoEllen

524 Boston Post Rd

Wayland, MA

Call, text, or email question to me directly 603 475-1391.

30 for $30 for 2017!

These 30 minute lessons have been working out so well that I am changing how I teach privates going forward. Each lesson will be 30 minutes long and be focused on one dance. I love that we have enough time to get into some deeper concepts but the lesson is short enough to stay fun! If you would like to book a lesson shoot me an email, text (603-475-1391), or reach out to me in person on Sunday nights. Lessons book first come first serve so don’t wait!