The “Look” vs the “Feel” Building Confidence in WCS From Within

Building Confidence in WCS from Within

How many of us as little kids covered our eyes and said “You can’t see me!” and really believed that because we couldn’t she them that they couldn’t see us? Of course we lost our innocence sometime after Santa wasn’t real any more and realized that the act of being seen has little to do with our own seeing. Regardless of dance level, we all have a little kid inside us that has his/her eyes covered while we are dancing.  Sometimes in order to walk out on that dance floor, all we have is the hope that no one is watching.  What if you could be building confidence nearly overnight?

Master potters spend a lifetime working on centering their clay, not on embellishing the outside of the pots they make. The better they get at centering, the faster the wheel can turn and the further from that center they can spin the clay without it flying off the wheel. This applies to dance the same way. Learning how to move from deeper and deeper within your center will give you the base from which to move with the confidence you have been looking for this whole time. Connection, grounding, and solid central movements produce better rhythm, feel, and are building confidence quicker than just learning patterns.

This Saturday join World Champion Kate Ford in her WCS “Movement Study” class from 8-9pm at Longfellows. She is an absolute technician when it comes to moving your body accurately so you can confidently convey your intentions to your partner. Leaders and Followers are in constant communication with each other and when you are moving correctly you can both ride the wave of the music into dancing ecstasy. With proper movement the sum of the partnership is not 1 leader plus 1 follower equals 2 dancers…its 1 leader plus one follower equals dancing to power of 10!

Friday Night April 7th
Lesson 8:30-9:30pm
Dance 9:30-?
Forte Fridays With Tessa Antolini
123 Muller Rd
Burlington, Ma 01803 (978) 381-9236

Saturday Night April 8th
$15 Lesson (Dance included) W/Kate Ford – “The Movement Study”
$10 Just Dance DJ – Mr. Jonathan
Longfellows Club JoEllen
524 Boston Post Rd
Wayland, MA (603) 475-1391

Sunday Night April 9th
6:00pm 2-Step Lesson w/Mr. J
6:45pm WCS Lesson w/Mr. J
7:30pm Dance DJ – Mr. J
Longfellows Club JoEllen
524 Boston Post Rd
Wayland, MA (603) 475-1391