John Festa Swings In To Boston

John Festa Is Back!

Yes John Festa is coming Back to Longfellow but lets take a mental field trip out side of dancing and think about thrill rides for a moment. Why do more people ride roller coasters than Ferris wheels? Both rides go up and down but only one takes the rider right to the edge of out of control without going over. The Ferris wheel does not pack much of a punch for the thrill seeker. Roller coasters are the big draw at the amusement park because they are fast, intense, and no two parts of the ride are ever the same. This is what makes them so much fun!

When John Festa learned how to swing, the music was the draw. Dancing faster, holding your slot, and discovering new footwork variations drove dancers right to the edge without going over. They danced with speed, power, and needed tremendous control in their connection to keep the dancers on their feet and in time with the music. Pushing the envelope meant faster and more intense music. It meant giving more of your self to the partnership. It meant you could no longer do it alone. You needed your partner as much as they needed you and the only communication was good connection. Even if the song was the same, with the same partner, no two dances where ever the same and the scene exploded with dance junky thrill seekers.

In 2018 the music has gone the way of the Ferris wheel and dancers have taken to less footwork, less technique, and interpretive movements over speed, power, and control. As the song slows down your reliance on connection lessens. You can begin using visual clues and body language to lead and follow. There is less risk, more time to fix mistakes, and in my opinion way less fun to be had. You see, when you learn how to dance fast and accurate then choose to dance slow, you bring your connection skills with you.

Real Understanding

If you are tired of feeling like you just don’t “get it”or that you have been riding the wrong kind of ride, its time to experience the real thrill that is West Coast Swing. This is how I have asked John Festa to approach to this Saturday and Sunday’s workshops. You will leave having felt what “On the Edge” feels like. He opened my eyes over 15 years ago and he will open yours on Saturday and Sunday!

Here is the Facebook invite:

Please click the link and say you are coming and share it on your own page. I would love to have a full audience for my favorite coach!

Saturday April 14th  WCS with

 John Festa!

7-8 PM All Level Class: Swing IT!

8-9 PM Intermediate WCS: Swing IT Harder!

2 Workshops $20 (includes Dance)

1 Workshop $15 (includes Dance)

($10 for beginner class or dance only)

9-12 WCS Dance with DJ John Festa

Sunday April 15th more great moves with

 John Festa!

6:30 -7:30 PM WCS with John Festa:

Connection with the Floor, Yourself, and then Your Partner

6:30 – 7:30 PM Beginner 2 Step with Steele Shane

7:30 – 11 PM Country Mix Dance

$15 any lesson(s) includes dance

$15 Dance only

October 2017 Dancing in the Boston Area

Saturday October 14th
7:00 – 8:00 PM All Level West Coast Swing with Tessa Antolini
8:00 – 9:00 PM Intermediate West Coast Swing with Tessa Antolini

8:00 – 9:00 PM Beginner West Coast Swing with Steele Shane

9:00 – 12:30 PM West Coast Swing Dance with DJ Mr Jonathan

$20/2, $15/1 Tessa’s workshops includes dance
$10 Beginner Lesson includes dance
$10 dance only

6:30pm WCS Lesson w/Mr. J

October 2017 Dancing at Longfellow’s Club JoEllen promises to be a great time. Share the info with your friends and get on my emailing list to get direct notifications of all dancing that I am hosting, Teaching, or DJing not just October 2017 Dancing but ALL of it!