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 1. Dee Jay, Disc Jockey

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This Sunday Join Mr. Jonathan at Longellow's Club JoEllen for some Swing and Two-Step!



This Weekend

Tempo vs Drive

I love going out dancing when the DJ is in control of his/her audience. DJs have many tools at their disposal but the 2 most important are Tempo and Drive. Tempo is how fast or slow the songs actually are. The faster the songs, that get played are, the faster you will wear out your audience. Drive is how intense the music is...a song with good drive is a song that you would dance to in your living room, by your self, at a wedding, or in the supermarket. A good DJ will play songs with good drive all night and also vary the tempo so as not to wear out his audience too quickly. When you feel like a DJ is not playing the music that is scratching your itch because his/her music feels too fast or too slow, consider requesting a song with more Drive and see if that itch doesn't just get scratched!

I am no master when it comes to picking every song but I do have an ear for Drive...I hope you will join me Saturday night for a lesson and some driven dancing...Check out the player on this page for my latest "Top 10 List" powered by Spotify. You don't need to be a Spotify member to listen...Just push play!

Saturday Night January 14th
8pm Intermediate WCS w/Mr. J
8pm Beginner WCS w/ Ray Salvo
9pm - ? WCS Dance w/DJ Mr. J
Longfellow's Club JoEllen
524 Boston Post Rd
Wayland, MA

Sunday Night January 22nd
6pm Two-Step
6:45pm WCS
7:30pm - ? California Mix w/DJ Mr. J
Longfellow's Club JoEllen
524 Boston Post Rd
Wayland, MA

Saturday Afternoon January 28th
3:30-4:30pm Beginner WCS Intensive
4:30 - 5:30pm Advanced Beginner WCS Intensive
5:30-6:30 Open Practice (I will be available for Q&A as well)
70 Bedford Center Road (The Old Town Hall) - 2nd Floor
Bedford, NH

Many dancers have asked me to start doing these again. Whether you are a seasoned Swing dancer or a rank beginner there is something you can get from attending this intensive. We will be drilling the 7 major basics of WCS and then using those basic steps to really learn how to work off of each other to achieve better connection and more curating leading and following.

There is an occupancy of only 44 people for this venue (46 counting the door person and myself)...There may not be room to sign up that day so you really should reserve your spot for this event with Cash or a check for the full amount BEFORE the event. Also it is not required that you have a partner but I am going to try to get the room to be balanced with leaders and followers so if you can sign up with a partner most of the heavy lifting will be done and I can just work on the lesson...Call, text, or email question to me directly 603 475-1391.

30 for $30 for 2017!

These 30 minute lessons have been working out so well that I am changing how I teach privates going forward. Each lesson will be 30 minutes long and be focused on one dance. I love that we have enough time to get into some deeper concepts but the lesson is short enough to stay fun!  If you would like to book a lesson shoot me an email, text (603-475-1391), or reach out to me in person on Sunday nights. Lessons book first come first serve so don't wait!